Why Do You Need Octobus??

Octobus is a modern and technology-based software platform that will increase your sales and give you new channels of revenue. You can also optimize costs and increase the profitability of your business.


Start Sales by the Phone

Вы сможете быстро построить полнофункциональный колл-центр для продажи билетов и обслуживания пассажиров. Обработка заказа по телефону за 15 секунд, защищенная клиентская база, продажа билетов с пересадкой, туда/обратно за один сеанс.

Sell Your Tickets Online on Your Own Website

It takes just a few minutes – generate a booking form code, insert it on your landing page and start selling! Now you have a fully functional selling website with the user registration and profiles. It is already integrated with popular payment systems and we can make custom integrations upon request.


Now you can offer a wider choice of trips to your customers. Connect any carriers booking systems and sell everything in one window. A powerful protocol of interaction (API) allows you to seamlessly give your ticket resource for sale to all the major distributive systems.

Sell Flexibly

Full range of selling options: transfers, round trip, multi-segment and multi-modal tickets. The enhanced functionality of the sales system will increase your revenue and competitiveness.

CRM – Customer Base, Marketing and Promo

You will have an overview of your customers behavior – know who, where and when takes your buses. Then you will have plenty of marketing instruments for boosting your sales and increasing customers loyalty – 9 types of discounts, 4 types of extra charge, promo codes, segmented mailing lists and newsletters.

Mobile Application for Customers

Give your clients the opportunity to buy tickets with their favorite mobile device, because more than 50% of tickets are bought on the Internet in this way.

Business Optimization
and Data Analytics

Inventory Management, Orders and Tickets

Easy inventory management – changing timetables and other parameters of the operations online is simple and plain. Simplifying operations with tickets and orders: return, cancellation, reissue. Quick search and convenient data filters.

Sales Overview and Analytics

Comprehensive reports on sales from every angle possible. Identify patterns, track trends, make the right decisions on time. Overview of the profitability and financial performance of each flight, bus and driver.

Mobile Application for Personnel

Make landing and registration of passengers simple and quick for controllers. No need the pile of paper sheets. Sell tickets directly on the platform or from the bus.

Compatibility with Accounting, Payment and Other Systems

Full integration with popular accounting and ERP software. Compatibility with popular payment systems, telephony and custom integration of any other third-party software.
Why it is a Smart Solution?
The cost of developing your own system is tens, if not hundreds of thousands dollars. And it still needs to be maintained and updated, so it's additional costs. Other solutions on the market take a commission fee from all of your sales. Octobus will give you access to powerful tools, technical support and free upgrades for a fixed and affordable subscription fee. Without any commissions!
Personally Tailored
We will provide you with full technical support and free training for employees. You will get the opportunity to develop exclusive improvements specifically for you at a reasonable cost and in a short time.
OK, Sounds Good, How to Start?
Fill out a simple contact form and we will contact you within 30 minutes. We will give you a demo, explain all the conditions in detail and answer all your questions. And you will receive the first month of subscription for free!


95% of your clients saying that using Octobus is really easy.
Every other solution you can find is much more expensive.