Managing bus&coach business becomes easy

Octobus is a powerful cloud service for managing bus&coach business which maintains sales and distribution, CRM, revenue management, fleet efficiency and much more.
How does it work?

Why do you need Octobus?

Sales and Customer Relations Management

Increase your sales with Octobus: easily launch your own website, organize sales by phone, set up and manage the distribution network. Powerful CRM module will allow you to improve your marketing and increase revenue.

Inventory Management and Dynamic Pricing

Easy inventory management – changing timetables and other parameters of the operations online is simple and plain. Smart revenue management and dynamic pricing models based on machine learning algorithms.

Mobile Apps for Customers and Personnel

Modern apps will make your operations run smooth: sales, check-in, transfers and luggage management has never been easier. Geolocation makes you (and your clients) aware of the fleet positioning in real time.

Integration and Interaction

With Octobus, you can distribute your tickets through every agency and retailer you want, all over the world. Get a full overview of your sales from distributors and adjust your prices, rides and capacities in one place.

For Bus Terminals

Start selling tickets and increase your revenues, managing all operations easily with Octobus.

For Bus Operators

Boost the sales, improve your business key performance indicators and cut the costs

For Travel Retailers

Get the direct access to thousands of bus connections. Also, we ensure you'll get the best prices and conditions.
A single platform for your core business processes
You can sell and earn more
Octobus will simplify bus&coach business and will facilitate the access to the market for newcomers


95% of your clients saying that using Octobus is really easy.
Every other solution you can find is much more expensive.
Ruslan Rudoi
CEO of "Denysivka", Bus Operator
We are using Octobus for two months and already got positive results in sales. A good product that fits the market. I'm wondering why we didn't start using it before. Thank you guys and my respect.
Vasyl Meniok
Owner of “Meniok”, Bus Operator
With Octobus, we have greatly increased the productivity of our sales managers and reduced operating costs. Now I always know all my sales and can view them in a second, 24/7. Before Octobus it took me several hours to collect all the sales in an Excel sheet.
Michaylo Boreychuk
Owner of “Boreychuk”, Bus Operator
I have both international and domestic routes. The functions of the platform are suitable for working with both, and with other routes. I was looking for a long time to have this kind of software.
Serhiy Bakal
Co-founder of “Autotransit”, Bus Operator
I wanted to order my own booking and operations software but luckily I have realized that I will only spend my money in vain. Octobus has all the features I need for more than a reasonable price. Recommend!
Taras Stetsyk
Owner of ZUBUSTIK, Bus Operator and Tickets Distributor
I have many connections with a lot of gear and hundreds of distributors, so bringing it all together was never an easy task. The idea of getting all of the sales in one place and managing them in a few clicks is freaking awesome! Mobile app for bus drivers is amazing and saves a lot of time and nerves. Checking passengers in and out became a piece of cake. I recommend Octobus for all the entrepreneurs who run bus&coach business!